Dragon City Mod Apk [Unlimited GemsFood] + All Unlocked

Dragon City Mod Apk [Unlimited Gems/Food] + All Unlocked

We will look at a pet-raising game in this lesson. As opposed to a pet dog or cat, a pet game is a virtual companion. Here you are going to raise a beautiful dragon and take care of them.

We are happy to welcome you to the game Dragon City Mod Apk – the city of dragons. Dragon City is one of the most popular mobile games.

The Dragon City game is a very interesting and attractive one, and we’re going to find out what makes it that way. If you play Dragon City, a game of that sort, you can create your very own dragon city.

Dragon City


All this requires you to do is breed dragons, collect them, and then fight them. More than 100 million copies have been downloaded since its release. In both AppStore and Google Play Store, it is one of the most popular games. This game has a lot of interesting elements that keep you entertained all the time.

Anyone can play it, and they can compete against each other. Dragon City is a virtual strategic game where you can create your own dragon city. You are given a baby dragon that must be fed and trained until it becomes a big powerful monster. You can join forces with other dragon masters once your dragon city is expanded.

Gold and food are required to feed and breed the dragons. Furthermore, getting gemstones to free the dragon from the dragon’s cage requires so much time. But don’t worry, you can download Dragon City Mod Apk and get everything for free.


Rather than constructing a city with humans, players can use giant live lizards as their construction staff instead. From hatching to adulthood, you must take care of your pets.

Unique Gameplay / Unlimited Gems / No Ads / Multiplayer Mode
Game DevelopmentSocial Point

You should think of them as your own personal army. Those who love dragons are sure to enjoy the game, as it contains more than 1,000 unique characters.


With aesthetically appealing virtual pets, it features a realistic gaming experience. The game features 3D graphics that youngsters will find appealing. From the moment Dragon City launched on mobile, the pet care games fan community on the platform was enthralled.

From the moment Dragon City launched on mobile, the game immediately captivated players. Add more excitement to the game. A new gameplay mode requires skill. Play is more enjoyable when it is easier to use.

It’s the hottest dragon game to collect tons of fire-breathing dragons. As you train them to your will and expand your collection, how will you prove you are the most skilled Dragon Master in the world? Farms, habitats, buildings, and tons of dragons can be built on floating islands to turn them into urban areas!

Dragon City Dragon

PvP arenas allow you to enlarge your dragon collection by feeding and elevating cute dragon babies into stunning beasts! Consider joining an Alliance to help you succeed! Get special rewards for participating in the Alliance events, chatting, and trading orbs.

The game revolves around creating an island where dragons can live. Here, a beautiful island is a home to many dragons. Islands can be expanded by destroying trees and stones so that they can have a larger area.

Fire, water, earth, nature, thunder, and so on are the different elements that makeup dragons. The appropriate habitat for them to hatch eggs will be determined by these factors. It is possible to make new friends in this game by playing the online multiplayer mode.

You can also train dragons to fight, defend farm buildings, and protect habitats with the extension. Beginners might find it difficult to collect gold and gems for the purposes of building their cities, buying assets, training, upgrading dragon levels, and so on.

If you have only 4 or 5 level dragons, it seems impossible to go head to head with dragons of hard levels Online multiplayer simulation game Dragon City has complete social features, making it one of the best.

Dragon City Level Upgrade

Approximately seven years ago, SocialPoint Technologies developed it. This game has more than 100M downloads on Google PlayStore and App Store with a 4.5-star rating.

This Facebook-only single-player and multiplayer game, which was released on May 8, 2012, was developed by SocialPoint. After being exclusively available on Facebook since 2012, the iOS app was released in 2013.

They decided to release the game for Android in 2014 when they observed the download numbers were increasing rapidly and people were attracted to the game.

That’s why this game is now available on every platform, which includes iOS, Android, and Web Browser.

Dragon City MOD APK Features

It’s likely that you have heard of Dragon Fire at least once if you’re a fan of simulation or online battle games. Dragon City MOD APK has been modified with a lot of great features to handle all of Dragon City’s requirements for certification. It offers a number of benefits, among them the features listed here.

Unique Gameplay:

MMORPG-style games are akin to what Dragon City offers. Dragons can be cultivated on an altar in a small city at the beginning of your journey.

Making improvements, creating new lizards, upgrading, etc., will allow your city to grow steadily. To complete tasks, battle other players, or receive gifts every day, you need to buy resources.

Dragon City Unique Gameplay

According to its plot, this game has no end. This means you can continue to develop your city and heroes until they reach their limit. As you progress in the game, you will unlock exciting events and new buildings. This will make you more excited.

Collect your Favourite Dragons:

Dragon¬†brings realistic images of real Dragons to those who are tired of reading about them in books or history classes. The character selection is simple. It’s a matter of luck if you can afford the characters. You need the experience to win a match if you are new to the game.

When you have enough money, you should purchase the rarest bird. Try selectively changing to the strongest warriors instead of aiming for a large number of Dragons.

100s of dragons: More than 80 million people play a game called Dragon City. Only by defeating them in battle does one obtain a new dragon.


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We like the fact that this Dragon city mod apk¬†includes 100 kinds of dragons, and based on what is needed in battle, we can pick from each one. If you’re battling with a high-profile opponent, dragons with multiple elements become the best option.

These include fire, rock, forest, rock, and flame. To breed a more powerful dragon, you can combine the traits of two different dragons.

Easy to Control:

The mod version of Dragon City features the same interface and graphics quality as the official game. Despite its ease of control, this game also has excellent plugin controls.


A part of the game involves building your own dragon city, farming and breeding dragons to increase their levels, and creating eggs to make dragons, breed them, and breed them once they are healthy enough to fight. All of these missions can be easily accomplished with dragon city mod apk.

Attack Other Players

It is possible to host online combats with other players by creating teams and recruiting warriors. The element for your next attack must be chosen only by you in battle, as you are the only one who can make such an important decision.

Develop a sound battle plan and strategy. Make sure there are plenty of strong lizards on your team with high levels. Study your opponents’ weaknesses and attack them

PvP Battle:

Players versus Players refers to PvP battles. As I mentioned, Dragon City has over 80M players. It is vital that you fight other players with your most powerful dragon if you are going to become the best dragon master among them. First-time players may be unclear about the attacking and defending mechanisms in this game.

Dragon City PvP Battle

The battle with other players can become easier if you select a strong dragon that will withstand any attack. You will also see options for selecting your opponents.

When you are faced with a PvP battle for the first time, it is an excellent idea to challenge only players with previous PvP experience.

Exciting events:

Having an understanding of Dragon City’s events will make the experience even more exciting. Players are always motivated to acquire more items and assets by constantly updating interesting events.

Dragon City Event Calendar

The game allows players to increase their strength, feel more interesting, and acquire more items. There are many other events in the game to keep you occupied if you miss some event.

All Dragons Unlocked:

It will provide you with over 500 types of dragons free of charge. This is one of the best features of Dragon Master MOD APK. There are several kinds of dragons to choose from, including those with varied skills and abilities. More and more dragons will become available to you as you complete further missions.

By choosing from up to 10 different types of dragons simultaneously, you can also create hybrid dragons in this app. There’s still more to come as the official update brings updates to dragon types and assets.

Unlimited Gems:

Gems are rare, so they are valuable in the game. In-game events and PvP battles are ways for you to gain them. Buying dragons and accelerating breeding with gems are some of the things you can do with gems.

Dragon City Free Unlimited Gems

In most cases, you will win if you have many of them. You can get an unlimited amount of gems if you download the mod version of this game which is 100% free. You will become a player in Dragon City games all over the world.

Multiplayer Mode:

Multiplayer simulation mod games feature all of these aspects. Unlike automated VS computer simulation games, mods cannot be played online.

Once You download the mod version, you are able to play with other players too. In addition to that, dragon city mod apk is an anti-ban mod apk, so you won’t have to worry about your account being banned.

Mod Features

  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Food
  • Win Every Battle
  • All Dragons Unlocked
  • All Arenas Unlocked
  • Empower your Dragons
  • Free to Download

What’s New

  • You can earn Divine Points by setting weekly and daily goals.
  • Get unlimited rewards and access to the Divine Pass!
  • VIP dragons are here to welcome you! Learn more about their abilities and adventures by downloading this game.
  • Learn new strategies for maximum rewards and enhance your Dragon City experience!

Dragon City Mod Apk Features

How to Download and Install Dragon City Mod Apk

I hope you finally made your decision to download the mod version. We make it very easy to download and install mods from our site.

It is a straightforward apk, so even someone with little Android installation knowledge can install it on their smartphone. Follow the below steps carefully if you want to play the Dragon City game on your phone without any error:

  1. You can download the file by clicking the button we have provided below. A new page will open for you.
  2. A 100% working download link will be provided to you when you are redirected to the download page. Just click on that button, and within a few seconds, your game starts downloading on your phone.
  3. You can enable Unknown source settings in your mobile’s settings as you download your game.
  4. Now that we have downloaded the file, it’s time to install it. Open the File Manager app on your phone and look for the Dragon City Mod zip file.
  5. If you are using the File Manager app for the first time, you may encounter permission warnings. Simply accept them all so that the game can be installed.
  6. You will be able to access your game on your phone after clicking the installation button.

Congratulations! It is now possible to play your game on Android. Create your own dragon city!

Which version is this?

In this article, I am sharing the latest version of Dragon City, which is 12.5.0. So, download it without any worry. This version is 100% free from any malware and virus, so don’t worry about it. Moreover, this game is updated on a regular basis, so I recommend you to Bookmark this page so you can easily get the latest version all the time.


Q: Can you play the Dragon City game without downloading it?

A: You can play Dragon City online without downloading any software via your Facebook account. It is also possible to invite others to join your gaming experience. So what are you waiting for? Just download it right now for free!

Q: Why is it important to Feed dragons in the game?

A: When you launch the game for the first time, you will see that a baby dragon appears; this is what a dragon looks like in the beginning. Your opponent’s Dragon will be stronger, so you can’t win any battles due to its weakness.

We have to feed dragons in order to make them more powerful and stronger. Your Dragon will become more powerful as you feed it more fruits.

Q: Can we Win Every Battle with the help of this Mod?

A: If you download dragon city mod apk, you will have the ability to raise legendary dragons and win. The legendary dragons in dragon city are some of the powerful dragons of the game, so having one nearby will help you win battles.

Q: How to Create Legendary dragon city mod apk?

A: By unlocking it in the shop or through breeding, you can create your own legendary dragon eighter. In order to unlock the Dragon from the shop, you may have to spend a lot of gems. Several different kinds of dragons can be crossed to produce a dragon. A new dragon is created by combining both powerful dragons. Depending on how long your legendary dragon egg hatches, it may take two days and six hours.

Q: What is the use of a kindergarten Building in a Dragon City game?

A: Providing an integrated environment, the Kindergarten acts like an extension of the home. Up to five Kindergartens can be set up. The dragons in a Kindergarten can be of any element or level.

Final Verdict

The most excellent pastime in dragon city is watching dragons grow and watch them evolve, and few games can offer such a sense of wonder. Besides hatching, unlocking, and fighting dragons, players can construct thriving cities where dragons are going to live.

It’s all over, guys. I hope you downloaded the latest version of the dragon city mod apk game. This incredible dragon city mod lets you create your own virtual dragon city and start winning every battle against other players.

Don’t forget to share today’s mod with your friends if you enjoyed it. Please comment if you have any problems. I am happy to answer any questions.