Dragon City Beginners Guide for Everyone [2022 Updated]

Creating the Facebook game Dragon City was the Social Point company’s work. In this article, I am sharing the Dragon City Beginner Guide, which you follow to make your gameplay a lot easier.

This guide is helpful for everyone, no matter where you are professional or playing it for the first time in your life. In this section, you will discover how to breed exotic and rare dragons, how to get more gold, how to get more food, and how to level up rapidly. It will be useful for players who have no gaming experience.

The gameplay in Dragon City is pretty standard as far as the goals of the players are concerned. In the beginning, if you don’t set up your account correctly, it can be challenging to play this game successfully.

There are a lot of options for players to choose from at the beginning of the game, which makes it difficult for them to know where to start. During this beginner’s guide, we will discuss only a few important tips for new players.

Dragon City

The goal of this game is to create a dragon island. This will lead to an amazing world. Adding soil, rock, or trees to the island can increase its area. For egg hatching to be successful, an ideal habitat should be constructed using elements associated with fire, water, earth, nature, thunder, etc.

Simulate a virtual pet online with this virtual pet game. In addition to its incredible graphics, this book is perfect for kids ages 4 and up. Dragon City has captured the attention of pet care game enthusiasts since it was first released. Its popularity has grown over time.

Ensure they enjoy their time playing the game. Enjoy the easy-to-learn gameplay and the beautiful graphics of Dragon City. You will feel at ease using the intuitive interface. It has been largely praised by the gaming community and users.

Moreover, you can also download the Dragon City Mod Apk, which comes with Unlimited Food, Unlimited Gems, and Unlimited Gold for free. This mod version helps you to enjoy this game easily, and you can finish in a very short time. Along with that, it’s 100% free from any virus or malware, so don’t worry about it.

Beginner Guide

Training Dragons

In order to challenge other dragon masters around the world, you must train your dragons after they have evolved. When your stadium is built, you can play PVP tournaments. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to participate in events together with your fellow Dragon Masters as part of your career as a Dragon Master.

Taking your dragons into your kingdom is now possible, thanks to the floating island. Develop and breed the best dragons, along with farms, habitats, and buildings. You’ll become the ultimate fighter!

Joining an Alliance

Players who reach Level 16 and higher can join alliances in Dragon City. In particular, joining an active and valuable alliance can be difficult. A beginner’s farming options can be increased if they join an alliance at the beginning, but join an alliance once you gain experience.

A dragon orb trade can also increase a member’s chances of unlocking a stronger dragon. By trading back any dragon orbs you are not going to use, you don’t risk having your membership terminated for being a leech. A high activity level is essential to ensure you gain the most from your alliance.

Hatching Dragons

Getting started is easy-breed pets, training them, building homes, and fighting with other dragons. Dragons must be hatched or bred from eggs you purchased if they are to be added to your book. Visit the Breeding Mountain to breed your dragons.

Wait for the eggs to grow from your selected dragons. After it is added to the Hatchery, you will have to wait a while for it to start hatching. Dragons of several elements can be bred together to produce extraordinary hybrids, including Fire, Nature, War, Legend, and others.

Best Dragon in the Game

Earth dragons get the highest amount of gold than any other beginner dragon at the beginning of the game. Since water elements can generate gold, you should use them if you play continuously during the day.

Your best option is to battle a legendary dragon during this time. Because legendary dragons have no elemental weaknesses, they tend to be stronger than other varieties of dragons.

Dragon City Battles

The game offers two modes of battle at the time of writing. One is stadium battles, and the other in combat. The principles of both games are similar: you use your dragons to battle for gold and items.

Dragon City Combat Guide explains the basics of battling. The dragons in your team possess four similar moves to Pokemon. Each move is connected to one or more elemental stats. They can deal more damage if they are effective or less damage if they are ineffective. 

Final Verdict

After reading this article about Dragon City Beginner Guide for Everyone, I hope that you can now easily play this game. Isn’t It? You can use these tips or guides to play this game in an easy way. Moreover, you come to know more about this game or shortcuts or tricks if you play this game on a daily basis.

If you have any issues regarding this game, leave a comment below. We will try to help you as soon as possible! If you love this article, then don’t forget to share it with your friends on a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. Help you Dragon City lovers and start making new friends from all over the world.

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