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Fix Dragon City Glitches and Issues [2022 Updated]

In this guide, I am going to tell you how to Fix Dragon City Glitches which you get while playing this game. Furthermore, you will discover how to prevent future problems from occurring.

The following solutions can be used to minimize future problems. So just stick with us till the end of the article, and we are going to solve all of your problems regarding the Dragon City Game!

What is Dragon City?

You can create Dragon City from floating islands. Fill the city with tons of dragons, farms, habitats, and buildings! Collect adorable baby dragons and add them to your collection once they’re big enough to fight in the PvP ring! You will be able to display stunning beasts in your collections if you feed them well.

Get in an Alliance with other Dragon Masters to improve your life even more Participate in Alliance events and receive rewards for talking, trading, and taking part in Alliance events. Despite its many different elements,

Dragon City is a perfect blend that allows players to enjoy a wide variety of content. Creating dragons that are as powerful as possible and creating a paradise for all dragons are the essential goals of the game.

The Best Guide For Fix Dragon City Glitches and Issues

Additionally, each dragon has an appearance, graphics, and effects that are unique and friendly. With Dragon City, you can see realistic dragon images. You can pick a character that matches your preferences. Money is needed to purchase them, of course

The only way to win the matches if you are a beginner is to gain experience. As an owner of rare Dragon species, you will accumulate your money and own the best ones.

Try selectively changing to the strongest warriors instead of aiming for a large number of Dragons. Moreover you can also download the Dragon City Mod Apk, which offers you Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Food, and Unlimited Gems for free.

Fix Dragon City Glitches

“Something isn’t working right” or stuck at 72 %

This bus is caused by the low internet connection or using any VPN in the Background. Along with that, you have been using your device for a long time. To fix this problem, you must have an active internet connection like 4G.

You need to clear your game data from the settings. Use any third-party application to clear the cache and data of your data to make it faster. Moreover, if you are still having this issue, then I recommend you restart your device after every 30-40 minutes of gaming.

“Titid” or “tid_” text problem

This issue is caused due to a bad internet connection, and the game cache doesn’t load properly. Moreover, another main reason for this issue is that the game server is not receiving the cache.

Good Guide For Best Fix Dragon City Glitches and Issues

To fix these problems, I recommend you to have an active internet connection with faster speed. Moreover, you must have enough space left on your phone to download the resources of the game.

Account Suspension

Mostly this problem occurs due to unfair playing of the game. You can fix it by requesting the owners. To do this, go to the Setting of the game and then click on the FAQ option. After that, report the problem you are facing, or you can also attach the screenshot of your problem and send them directly.

App notification not working Properly

Ensure that notifications are enabled in Settings->Dragon City->Notifications.

If it isn’t, turn it on. In addition, if you don’t hear app notifications, make sure you don’t muffle them accidentally.

App Installation Issues

Before installing this game, make sure you have an active internet connection or not. Along with that, make sure you have enough space available on your smartphone or tablet to download its resources too.

Top Guide For Fix Dragon City Glitches and Issues

Moreover, another main thing which you need to look at is that your phone must be running the latest Android Version or a supported one!

Login Issue

  1. Logging in and creating an account may be impossible because the Dragon City server is down. After a short while, try again.
  2. Your mobile data connection or wifi connection is not working. Make sure that your connection is working properly.
  3. Your login credentials may be incorrect. Check your information and make sure it is correct.
  4. You can check if a third-party service is working properly by visiting their official website if you are using a social network like Facebook, Twitter, or Google.
  5. Bans and deactivations of accounts are possible. Check any errors carefully.

Fix Black Screen/White Screen Issue in Dragon City

  1. Issues with temporary loading are most often to blame. After pressing the left first button on your phone, you will be taken to your recent applications menu. After closing this issue-causing app, your phone will display the recent applications menu. The app will now open. The problem should now be resolved.
  2. You should reboot your Android phone hard. It is imperative that you press both the “Home” and “Power” buttons simultaneously for more than five seconds. Release the “Power” button and the two other buttons once the screen glows. The app should now open. Congrats! It worked.
  3. The last option is to wait until it turns off automatically when your phone’s battery runs out. Press the power button after it turns off automatically. That might fix it.
  4. The reinstallation of the application may be necessary if you cannot fix the problem despite trying everything possible. After you reinstall and log in to the app, Android will usually restore all settings. This may fix the issue.
  5. Re-installation does not work in some instances as well. Try installing an older version if this is your problem. Have fun!

Final Verdict

I hope this article, which is about Fix Dragon City Glitches and Issues, will help you a lot. If you’re facing any other issues, don’t forget to share with us via the comment section. Our team is ready to help pour visitors all the time. We’d love to help you as soon as possible. That’s it for today guys; see you in the next one. Thanks.

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